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Ethynylbicycloorthobenzoate (EBOB) is a recently developed ligand that binds to the convulsant site of the GABAA receptor. While a few studies have examined the binding of [3H]EBOB in vertebrate brain tissue and insect preparations, none have examined [3H]EBOB binding in preparations that express known configurations of the GABAA receptor. We have thus(More)
We present a new fully automated instrument for the measurement of acid gases and soluble anionic constituents of atmospheric particulate matter. The instrument operates in two independent parallel channels. In one channel, a wet denuder collects soluble acid gases; these are analyzed by anion chromatography (IC). In a second channel, a cyclone removes(More)
Extended Abstract—In recent years, touch screen technology has progressed rapidly and has increased in popularity with developers and consumers alike. Touch screen devices, in the forms of shopping kiosks, ATMs, tablet PCs, and smart phones, are now a very prevalent fact of everyday life. Ironically, in more technologically advanced applications such as(More)
operating Deflecting Shapes are u&id for understanding the dynamic behavior (displacement, acceleration, etc.) of structures when the a&al operating faces are acting on the struchue. Transmissibility measurements can be wed to determbx the relative motion (amplitude and phase) of each measured point on thestructureinthecasewherethereisanlyoneuniqueforce(More)
Touch screen technology has become pervasive in the consumer product arena over the last decade. It offers some distinct advantages over traditional interfaces, including the removal of space consuming peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and joysticks from a system's design. However, there are significant drawbacks to these devices that have limited their(More)
themselves to logical interpretation. Rather they perpetuate the need for empirical rules in interpretation. The electrocardiogram is recorded in two planes, the frontal and transverse. The frontal plane includes the six limb leads. There is disagreement about precise reference of these leads to the heart. Earlier hexaxial reference systems were based on an(More)
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