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(ABSTRACT) In this modern age of information, the demands on data transmission networks for greater capacity, and mobile accessibility are increasing drastically. The increasing demand for mobile access is evidenced by the proliferation of wireless systems such as mobile phone networks and wireless local area networks (WLANs). The frequency range over which(More)
We measured the distribution of contact area and pressure between the acetabulum and the femoral head of cadaveric pelves in three different conditions: intact, with an operatively created fracture of the posterior wall, and after anatomical reduction and fixation of the fracture with a buttress plate and interfragmentary screws. The study involved eight(More)
BACKGROUND IVF is a costly treatment option for women, their partners, and the public. Therefore new therapies that improve reproductive and health outcomes are highly desirable. There is a growing body of research evaluating the effect of acupuncture administered during IVF, and specifically on the day of embryo transfer (ET). Many trials are heterogeneous(More)
We examined the anxiety of medical students when they conduct their first gynecological examination. The students (226) from two universities completed anonymous questionnaires providing measures of state and trait anxiety and anxiety and confidence feelings, before and after conducting their first bimanual and speculum examination. This took place during a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether conception following assisted reproductive technology (ART) predisposes women to increased risk of postnatal depression (PND), compared to women who conceived naturally, when controlling for such factors as: multiple birth, previous maternal psychiatric history and sociodemographic status. PARTICIPANTS A total of 200 women(More)
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