Michael W. Carroll

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[1] This paper compares seasonal and spatial variations of MODIS albedos with those from the Community Land Model (CLM2). MODIS surface albedo data from September 2000 to August 2002 were used to investigate the model biases. To assess how inaccuracies in the land surface data used in CLM2 contribute to the model albedo biases, we created a new land surface(More)
Scientific authors who pay to publish their articles in an open-access publication should be congratulated for doing so. They also should be aware that they may not be getting full open access from some publications that charge for publication under the ''open access'' label. Two features define an open-access publication: (1) the published contents are(More)
Myriad reasons can be proffered for undertaking a copyright reform project. For one thing, the current U.S. copyright law is way too long, now weighing at approximately two hundred pages long. 1 The statute is also far too complex, incomprehensible to a significant degree, and imbalanced in important ways. 2 It lacks, moreover, normative heft. That is, the(More)
The debate over gene patenting in the United States has been ongoing for nearly three decades. It peaked in June 2013, with the Supreme Court's controversial decision in Assn. for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics. The Myriad case was remarkable for many reasons, not least because it fostered the emergence of six distinct narratives of the "facts" in(More)
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