Michael W. Carroll

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Scientific authors who pay to publish their articles in an open-access publication should be congratulated for doing so. They also should be aware that they may not be getting full open access from some publications that charge for publication under the ''open access'' label. Two features define an open-access publication: (1) the published contents are(More)
1 Message 42 Spam We live in a world where consumers actively resist marketing. So it's important to stop marketing at people. The idea is to create an environment where consumers will market to each other 1. Definitely, this idea does not refer to direct marketing at people in the form of unsolicited commercial communication, i.e. spam! Spam is a teething(More)
To determine the energy cost of low impact aerobic dance while varying arm movement height and the use of hand weights, 10 adults volunteered to participate in four choreographed trials. All trials consisted of identical leg movements. Arm movements, however, were performed above shoulder level both with and without 0.9-kg hand weights and below shoulder(More)
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