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The movement of music from physical discs to digital resources managed on a computer has had an effect on the listening habits of users. We explore using the potential of the innate synaesthesia that some people report feeling between colour and mood in a novel interface that enables a user to explore their music collection and create musical playlists in a(More)
We analyze the results of a survey distributed to heavy users of social networking website on current mobile communications practices regarding location disclosure. We discovered that deception on location disclosure is a common practice amongst this demographic. We also discovered privacy issues of location are reduced in line with cue accuracy. We discuss(More)
Mobile social awareness systems open up new social opportunities by enabling the automatic disclosure of awareness cues. We are trying to understand which cues work best to achieve feelings of connectedness between users and identify valid and comprehensive effect measures to evaluate such systems in HCI. We choose to study specifically two sensors –(More)
I would like to thank my family for their support for the the duration of my studies. I would like to thank my supervisor for firing suggestions and criticisms at me with perfect timing. I would also like to thank my friends for making my life amazing—I could not have done it without you guys. Finally, I thank Chinese cuisine for keeping me well fed during(More)
Mobile awareness systems aim to open up opportunities for social discourse by communicating awareness cues while out and about. This is a contemporary research topic in computer science, cognitive science, psychology and sociology, where a large effort is being put into understanding the cognitive processes involved in inferring activity from awareness(More)
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