Michael Vlachos

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This paper presents a totally generic client-server model for accessing legacy and new databases according to the three tier architecture principles. It is based on an integrated environment that eases the dynamic creation and instantiation of secure web applications that access multiple database management systems. Emphasis is placed on the ability to(More)
Due to promulgation of data over internet significance of protection of one’s intellectual property is the important topic with technological and legal aspects. Watermarking scheme is used for establishing the ownership of dataset containing multiple objects. As watermarking scheme distorts distance relationship graph, methodology preserves utility of(More)
The purpose of this paper is to propose a methodology for defining database navigation rules with the help of the XML language. This enables the introduction of the concept of the dynamic application server – a server that can be instantiated with the help of a relevant, “databasedescriptive” XML document and acquire from it all the necessary knowledge for(More)
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