Michael Veith

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The development of micro- and nanostructured surfaces which improve the cell-substrate interaction is of great interest in today's implant applications. In this regard, Al/Al2O3 bi-phasic nanowires were synthesized by chemical vapor deposition of the molecular precursor (tBuOAlH2)2. Heat treatment of such bi-phasic nanowires with short laser pulses leads to(More)
UNLABELLED Because nanoparticles are promising tools in drug delivery, quantification of their cellular binding and uptake is an emerging question. Therefore, rhodamine B isothiocyanate-labeled silica nanoparticles with different sizes and surface modifications were investigated concerning their uptake in Caco-2 cells. Flow cytometry studies exhibited a(More)
Recent knowledge management initiatives focus on expertise sharing within formal organizational units and informal communities of practice. Expert recommender systems seem to be a promising tool in support of these initiatives. This paper presents experiences in designing an expert recommender system for a knowledge-intensive organization, namely the(More)
The integration of immigrants is a big challenge for western societies. In this paper we describe how to bridge between ethnically defined communities by means of computer-supported project work. Our approach is grounded in socio-cultural theories of learning, especially Community of Practice (CoP). To evaluate our approach, we have built up a computer club(More)
Permanent orthopedic implants are becoming increasingly important due to the demographic development. Their optimal osseointegration is key in obtaining good secondary stability. For anchorage dependent cells, topographic features of a surface play an essential role for cell adhesion, proliferation, differentiation and biomineralization. We studied the(More)
Cell responses to surface and contact cell guidance are of great interest in bio-applications especially on nano- and micro scale features. Recently we showed selective cell responses on Al/Al2O3, bi-phasic nanowires (NWs). In this context, Al/Al2O3 NWs were synthesized by the chemical vapor deposition of (tBuOAIH2)2. Afterwards, linear periodic nano- and(More)
In-stent restenosis is a common complication after stent surgery which leads to a dangerous wall narrowing of a blood vessel. Laser assisted patterning is one of the effective methods to modify the stent surface to control cell-surface interactions which play a major role in the restenosis. In this current study, 316 LS stainless steel substrates are(More)
Modern western societies are facing the challenges of immigration and integration. The main criterion for social participation and democratic collaboration is the successful integration of immigrants. A lack of social as well as cultural integration, especially among young immigrants, seems to be the consequence of a low level of education and unequal(More)
ZO-1 is a peripheral protein that plays a central role in the macromolecular assembly of tight junctions by interacting with integral proteins (occludin, claudins, JAMs) of the membrane of adjoining cells, with the actin cytoskeleton, and with nuclear factors. Human ZO-1 is expressed in all epithelia and some specialized endothelia as variable amounts of(More)