Michael Vassallo

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This study examined the usefulness of integrating measures of affective and moral attitudes into the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB)-model in predicting purchase intentions of organic foods. Moral attitude was operationalised as positive self-rewarding feelings of doing the right thing. Questionnaire data were gathered in three countries: Italy (N=202),(More)
OBJECTIVES to compare the use of two falls risk-identification tools (Downton and STRATIFY) with clinical judgment (based upon the observation of wandering behaviour) in predicting falls of medically stable patients in a rehabilitation ward for older people. METHODS in a prospective observational study, with blinded end-point evaluation, 200 patients(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the effectiveness of four falls risk assessment tools (STRATIFY, Downton, Tullamore, and Tinetti) by using them simultaneously in the same environment. DESIGN Prospective, open, observational study. SETTING Two acute medical wards admitting predominantly older patients. PARTICIPANTS One hundred thirty-five patients, 86 female,(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore which were the most important predictors of the actual consumption of foods containing fat and to test if there were different profiles of beliefs and attitudes. DESIGN A total of 1200 households participated in a food consumption survey for 7 days. A questionnaire, containing questions on belief, attitude and intention items based on(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether a change in practice to introduce a multidisciplinary fall-prevention program can reduce falls and injury in nonacute patients in a rehabilitation hospital. DESIGN A quasi-experimental study. SETTING Three geriatric wards with a similar design, equipment, staffing levels, and skill mix. PARTICIPANTS Eight hundred(More)
The need to reduce falls is driven by the need to reduce injury. If patients at risk of injury can be distinguished from the patients at risk of falls, there is the potential for a more effective fall risk management policy by targeting injury prevention measures. We conducted a prospective observational study, with blinded endpoint evaluation of 825(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent fallers constitute a minority of patients who fall but contribute considerably to the total number of falls recorded. OBJECTIVE To study the characteristics of recurrent fallers in a hospital setting. METHODS In a prospective observational study we investigated the characteristics of 1,025 patients admitted to a geriatric non-acute(More)
Although the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) has been applied successfully in the area of food choice, it has been criticized for its pure utilitarian approach to the factors determining behaviour. Despite the increase in predictive power of the model with added components such as affective attitude and moral and ethical concerns, in most studies the(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Whilst a number of variables, mostly a consequence of a stroke, are known to predict mortality of acute stroke there is limited information on the significance of pre-existing cardiovascular variables on stroke mortality. We have investigated the influence of pre-existing cardiovascular factors in one cohort of stroke patients. METHODS(More)
We have studied a cohort of 220 Parkinson's disease (PD) patients for risk factors of developing new dyskinesia. Twenty-nine patients were noticed to have developed new dyskinesia at the second assessment. The dyskinetic patients received significantly higher maximum level daily dose of levodopa. These patients had lost weight during the course of the(More)