Michael Van Biesbrouck

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Several commercial processors have architectures that include support for Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT), yet there is still not a validated methodology for estimating the performance of an SMT machine that does not rely on full program simulation. To create an efficient sampling approach for SMT we must determine how far to fast-forward each individual(More)
Commercial processors have support for Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT), yet little work has been done to provide representative simulation results for SMT. Given a work-load, current simulation techniques typically run one combination of those programs from a specific starting offset, or just run one combination of samples across the benchmarks. We have(More)
Modern architecture research relies heavily on detailed pipeline simulation. Simulating the full execution of a single industry standard benchmark at this level of detail takes on the order of months to complete. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that to properly perform an architectural evaluation requires multiple benchmarks to be evaluated across(More)
Exploiting thread level parallelism is paramount in the multicore era. Transactions enable programmers to expose such parallelism by greatly simplifying the multi-threaded programming model. Virtualized transactions (unbounded in space and time) are desirable, as they can increase the scope of transactions' use, and thereby further simplify a programmer's(More)
Modern architecture research relies heavily on detailed pipeline simulation. Simulating the full execution of an industry standard benchmark can take weeks to months. Statistical sampling and sample techniques like SimPoint that pick small sets of execution samples have been shown to provide accurate results while significantly reducing simulation time. The(More)
The main aim of the MultiText experiments for TREC-7 was to derive v ery short queries that would yield high precision and recall, using a hybrid of manual and automatic processes. Identical queries were formulated for adhoc and VLC runs. A query set derived automatically from the topic title words, with an average of 2.84 terms per query, a c hieved a(More)
Almost all new consumer-grade processors are capable of executing multiple programs simultaneously. The analysis of multiprogrammed workloads for multicore and SMT processors is challenging and time-consuming because there are many possible combinations of benchmarks to execute and each combination may exhibit several different interesting behaviors.(More)
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