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Outcome in 757 severely injured patients with traumatic cardiorespiratory arrest.
BACKGROUND Resuscitation of traumatic cardiorespiratory arrest patients (TCRA) is generally associated with poor outcome, however some authors report survival rates of more than 10% in blunt traumaExpand
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Initiale Sichtung durch Rettungsassistenten
ZusammenfassungBei einem Massenanfall von Verletzten (MANV) ist in der Regel eine Sichtung aller Patienten durch den Leitenden Notarzt in einem medizinisch sinnvollen Zeitrahmen nicht durchführbar.Expand
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[Priority-oriented shock trauma room management with the integration of multiple-view spiral computed tomography].
In major trauma it is essential to immediately recognize and treat life-threatening problems and conditions. Most trauma protocols reserve the use of computed tomography for the secondary survey, asExpand
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Prioritätenorientiertes Schockraummanagement unter Integration des Mehrschichtspiralcomputertomographen
ZusammenfassungDie rasche Diagnostik von lebensbedrohlichen und schwerwiegenden Verletzungen und die unverzügliche adäquate Therapie ist ein zentrales Anliegen der Schockraumversorgung. DieExpand
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Massive blood transfusion and outcome in 1062 polytrauma patients: a prospective study based on the Trauma Registry of the German Trauma Society
Background and Objectives  About 15% of polytrauma patients receive massive blood transfusion (MBT) defined as ≥ 10 units of packed red blood cells (PRBC). In general, the prognosis of traumaExpand
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Trauma management incorporating focused assessment with computed tomography in trauma (FACTT) - potential effect on survival
BackgroundImmediate recognition of life-threatening conditions and injuries is the key to trauma management. To date, the impact of focused assessment with computed tomography in trauma (FACTT) hasExpand
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Susceptibility of automated external defibrillators to train overhead lines and metro third rails.
INTRODUCTION Immediate accessibility to automated external defibrillators (AED) is recommended for highly frequented public areas. In train terminals and metro stations electromagnetic interferenceExpand
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Effect of digital cellular phones on tachyarrhythmia analysis of automated external defibrillators
Objectives: Emergency services personnel, family members, laypersons or patients often carry and use mobile phones on sites of emergencies. As there are reported effects on implanted pacemakers andExpand
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Emergency chest tube placement in trauma care - which approach is preferable?
BACKGROUND Pneumothorax is present in about 20% of blunt major trauma cases. Insertion of an intercostal tube drainage is one effective treatment, however it is unclear whether the thoracostomy hasExpand
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mSTaRT-Algorithmus für Sichtung, Behandlung und Transport bei einem Massenanfall von Verletzten
ZusammenfassungDas Einsatzgeschehen bei einem Massenanfall von Verletzten wird wesentlich durch die Anzahl und Versorgung der Patienten mit kritischen, jedoch potenziell überlebbaren VerletzungenExpand
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