Michael V Ellis

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  • Anthony Baldridge, Kathy Schnure, Lauren Polander, Brandon Polander, Sean Dunn, Mihir Pathak +3 others
  • 2011
The Executive Board of the Graduate Student Government Association of Georgia Tech wishes to express, in complement with the resolution adopted by the Graduate Senate, its most sincere concern over the continuing escalation and current monetary levels of mandatory students fees levied on the graduate student body. Fees, as a single topic, represent one of(More)
We replicated Son, Ellis, and Yoo (2013) and extended Ellis et al.'s (2014) taxonomy of harmful and inadequate supervision by providing and testing cross-national comparative descriptive data about clinical supervision practices in the Republic of Ireland versus the United States. Participants were 149 Republic of Ireland and 151 U.S. mental health(More)
We investigated the effectiveness of a theoretically based role induction (RI) intervention that aimed to clarify supervisee and supervisor role expectations and reduce supervisee anxiety, compared to standard supervision (no-RI). Initially, a feasibility study investigated whether a RI for beginning supervisees would work in the context of a replicated(More)
We investigated similarities and differences in clinical supervision in two cultures: South Korea and the United States The study had two parts: (1) a test of the cross-cultural equivalence of four supervision measures; and (2) a test of two competing models of cultural differences in the relations among supervisory style, role difficulties, supervisory(More)
The authors conducted 3 studies to develop and investigate the psychometric properties of the American Jewish Identity Scales (AJIS), a brief self-report measure that assesses cultural identification and religious identification. Study 1 assessed the content validity of the item pool using an expert panel. In Study 2, 1,884 Jewish adults completed the(More)
Reducing odor emissions from swine farms to avoid complaints about odor nuisance is a major issue. Ozonation has been used to reduce odor in swine buildings, but little research exists on its benefits. A swine-finishing building was divided into two identical rooms and two treatments, ozonation and the control, were applied in a cross-over design. The(More)
This paper examines the cost effectiveness of some odor control strategies shown to be important in odor reduction from swine finishing buildings. Strategies examined include manure depth reduction, manure storage type (deep pit vs. shallow pit), air treatment and pig density. The efficiency of each management strategy is evaluated for its effect on odor(More)
We provide an expository presentation of multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) for both consumers of research and investigators by capitalizing on its relation to univariate analysis of variance models. We address several questions: (a) Why should one use MANOVA. 9 (b) What is the structure of MANOVA? (C) How are MANOVA test statistics obtained and(More)
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