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Understanding the spatiotemporal distribution of people within a city is crucial to many planning applications. Obtaining data to create required knowledge, currently involves costly survey methods. At the same time ubiquitous mobile sensors from personal GPS devices to mobile phones are collecting massive amounts of data on urban systems. The locations,(More)
Planar array antennas are attractive for use in future automotive radar systems due to their flexibility in design and control of radar beams. The complexity and cost of a radar front-end phased array can be decreased by applying a beam-steering/switching concept, which reduces the number of parallel RF and baseband signal paths. RF-microelectromechanical(More)
A vision based navigation system is a basic tool to provide autonomous operations of unmanned vehicles. For ooroad navigation that means that the vehicle equipped with a stereo vision system and perhaps a laser ranging device shall be able to maintain a high level of autonomy under various illumination conditions and with little a priori information about(More)
In recent years, great advances have been made in the field of silicon millimeter-wave integrated circuits (SIMMWIC) as well as In microsystems technology. These developments jointly allow the preparation of micromechanical capacitive switches, which exhibit excellent RF properties far into the millimeter-wave frequency range. This paper presents coplanar(More)
In this paper single-pole single-throw K-band microelectro-mechanical capacitive switches are discussed, exhibiting low insertion losses (<0.3 dB@21 GHz) and good isolation (34 dB@21 GHz). Depending on the respective geometry, an electromechanical characterization yields actuation voltages from 16 to 33 V and switching times around 10 /spl mu/s.(More)
Waiting for public transport services is one of the most important factors deteriorating public transport customer satisfaction. Although there are several approaches for enhancing the waiting experience for passengers, little consolidated knowledge exists concerning the effects of particular offers under different circumstances such as site characteristics(More)
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