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Understanding the spatiotemporal distribution of people within a city is crucial to many planning applications. Obtaining data to create required knowledge, currently involves costly survey methods. At the same time ubiquitous mobile sensors from personal GPS devices to mobile phones are collecting massive amounts of data on urban systems. The locations,(More)
Planar array antennas are attractive for use in future automotive radar systems due to their flexibility in design and control of radar beams. The complexity and cost of a radar front-end phased array can be decreased by applying a beam-steering/switching concept, which reduces the number of parallel RF and baseband signal paths. RF-microelectromechanical(More)
We investigated the acute adaptation of the rat femur-medial collateral ligament-tibia (FMT) complex to 7 days of limb unweighting by means of a hind-limb suspension protocol. Male, young adult, Harlan Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned to either control or suspended groups. Rats deprived of hind limb-to-ground contact forces had a 42% decrease in(More)
To determine whether mature humeral cortical bone would be modified significantly by an acute exposure to weightlessness, adult rats (110 days old) were subjected to 14 days of microgravity on the COSMOS 2044 biosatellite. There were no significant changes in peak force, stiffness, energy to failure, and displacement at failure in the flight rats compared(More)
A biomechanical study was conducted to determine the best fixation technique for mallet finger fracture among four commonly used methods. Considerations were technical complications, biomechanical properties, and maintenance of reduction. Techniques tested included Kirshner wire, figure-of-eight wire, tension band wire, and tension band suture. Technical(More)
An animal model for three-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion was established in the goat. Twenty-one goats underwent surgery, with seven goats in each of three experimental groups. In Group I, all seven goats underwent three-level anterior cervical discectomy without fusion. In Group II, each of the seven goats had a three-level discectomy with(More)
A vision based navigation system is a basic tool to provide autonomous operations of unmanned vehicles. For o road navigation that means that the vehicle equipped with a stereo vision system and perhaps a laser ranging device shall be able to maintain a high level of autonomy under various illumination conditions and with little a priori information about(More)
Current techniques for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with patellar tendon (PT) allow a measurable tension to be applied to the graft at the time of fixation. The viscoelastic nature of the PT, however, ensures that relaxation will cause the graft tension to decrease over time. To better understand this process, a primate model was used to(More)
We examined bone-to-implant relative displacement of acetabular prostheses acutely and after ingrowth in a canine model. Uncemented hemispherical acetabular cups with titanium mesh pads comprising approximately 26% of the surface of the cup were inserted in eight adult canine hemipelves ex vivo. The acetabular prostheses were fixed with 13 mm titanium(More)