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Relational database systems have supported business applications for over a decade, providing capabilities such as optimization, concurrency, recovery and data independence. Customem now seek to integrate more areas of their business into a datsbase framework. New applications need data management systems that handle a variety of data types, such as images,(More)
Object-relational database systems are now being deployed for real use by customers. Researchers and industry users have begun to explore the performance issues that these systems raise. In this paper, we examine some of those performance issues, and evaluate them for object-relational systems in general and for INFORMIX-Universal Server in particular. We(More)
As network connectivity has continued its explosive growth and as storage devices have become smaller, faster, and less expensive, the number of online digitized images has increased rapidly. Successful queries on large, heterogeneous image collections cannot rely on the use of text matching alone. In this paper we describe how we use image analysis in(More)
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