Michael U. Gutmann

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We propose a new method for detecting changes in Markov network structure between two sets of samples. Instead of naively fitting two Markov network models separately to the two data sets and figuring out their difference, we directly learn the network structure change by estimating the ratio of Markov network models. This density-ratio formulation(More)
An important property of visual systems is to be simultaneously both selective to specific patterns found in the sensory input and invariant to possible variations. Selectivity and invariance (tolerance) are opposing requirements. It has been suggested that they could be joined by iterating a sequence of elementary selectivity and tolerance computations. It(More)
Independent component and canonical correlation analysis are two general-purpose statistical methods with wide applicability. In neuroscience, independent component analysis of chromatic natural images explains the spatio-chromatic structure of primary cortical receptive fields in terms of properties of the visual environment. Canonical correlation analysis(More)
This paper describes a novel method, which we call correlated topographic analysis (CTA), to estimate non-Gaussian components and their ordering (topography). The method is inspired by a central motivation of recent variants of independent component analysis (ICA), namely, to make use of the residual statistical dependency which ICA cannot remove. We assume(More)
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