Michael Turcotte

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An LPSB-specific mAb was used to screen for ten Tn5 insertion mutants of Bordetella pertussis which have LPS which is phenotypically distinct from either wild-type LPSAB or LPSB. Silver-strained SDS-PAGE gels showed nine different LPS phenotypes, six of which contain two clinically undocumented LPS bands, designated IntA and IntB based on their proximity to(More)
We have shown previously that human glioblastoma multiforme cells vary in their ability to survive under hypoxic conditions. Under oxygen limiting conditions, hypoxia-tolerant cells decrease their oxygen consumption rate whereas hypoxia-sensitive cells continue to consume oxygen at a relatively steady rate until the oxygen supply becomes exhausted. We now(More)
Multivariable optimization (MVO) is a powerful nonlinear steady-state flowsheet simulation technique used widely in the chemical process industry to optimize plant performance by increasing plant capacity and/or reducing energy usage. The user supplies the objective function(s), constraints, and variable limits based on operating heuristics, prior(More)
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