Michael Trotter

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Many of the emerging technologies for the global evaluation of gene expression, at both the RNA and protein level, are being applied to the problem of finding biomarkers for human disease progression. These analyses can be made difficult, however, by variation between samples that arises from both technical and nondisease related physiological or genetic(More)
Application performance monitoring in large data centers relies on either deploying expensive and specialized hardware at fixed locations or heavily customizing applications and collecting logs spread across thousands of servers. Such an endeavor makes performance diagnosis a time-consuming task for cloud providers and a problem beyond the control of cloud(More)
Patient serum or plasma is frequently monitored for biochemical markers of disease or physiological status. Many of the rapidly evolving technologies of proteome analysis are being used to find additional clinically informative protein markers. The unusually high abundance of albumin in serum can interfere with the resolution and sensitivity of many(More)
Finding an optimal configuration for the number of worker processes and executors for a Storm topology is imperative for maximizing its performance. However, this process is both tedious and time-consuming due to the vast number of parameters to tune, their intertwined relationship with each other, and the temporal overhead of simply rebalancing a topology(More)
A programme of planting native trees on Quail Island in Lyttelton Harbour has been proposed by the Otamahua/Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust. The impact that this would have on the Maori and European historic and archaeological sites on the island is assessed. It is concluded that in several areas the planting and growth of trees would adversely(More)
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