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A growing number of studies require the purification of multiple proteins simultaneously and the development of simple economical high-throughput purification methods is essential. We have tested the purification of two related proteins in a variety of conditions to benchmark the semi-automated affinity chromatography method for the QIAcube that we have(More)
While the mouse is the main input device for interacting with different screens, many alternatives do exist. In this article, we report our exploratory study with the usage of eyes as a new input device for Air Traffic Control systems. Our investigations, based on a user-centered design, include a study of the activity, a classification of interaction(More)
The activity of air traffic control is complex. The operators involved in numerous interactions with computer systems to ensure the flow of air traffic in conditions of security and optimization. The mouse is the main modality to interact with different screens, while many alternatives exist. In this article, we report our study of this area of activity(More)
An interactive visualization system can support volumetric data exploration in airport security screenings by addressing the challenges unique to the baggage inspection. The proposed system includes a set of interaction techniques that combine the direct manipulation of voxels and their interactive visualization. The system's final tools and GUI design(More)
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