Michael Tracey

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We are developing a prototype storytelling robot for use with children in rehabilitation. Children can remotely control a furry robot by using a variety of body sensors adapted to their disability or rehabilitation goal. We believe this robot can motivate children and help them reach their therapy goals through therapeutic play, either by exercising muscles(More)
This essay is an engagement with a series of propositions about literacy and reading in the United States: that large numbers of people struggle with what one might call narrative complexity; that they resolve such struggles by falling back onto narrative simplicities which, through a series of cultural preferences, congeal to produce much of the stuff of(More)
AIMS The urethral retro-resistance pressure (URP) is a new retrograde measurement of urethral function. URP is the pressure required to achieve and maintain an open sphincter. The assessment of any potential diagnostic measure must include an evaluation in individuals both with and without disease. In this study, we examined URP values in women without(More)
AIMS The urethral retro-resistance pressure (URP) is a retrograde urethral pressure profile measured by a new urodynamic measurement system.1GYNECARE MoniTorr Urodynamic Measurement System (ETHICON, Inc., Somerville, NJ). URP is the pressure required to achieve and maintain an open sphincter. This clinical investigation focused on a comparison of URP to(More)
The fact that an advertisement is accepted for publication in the Australian Defence Force Journal does not imply that the product or service has the endorsement of the Australian Defence Force Journal, the Australian Defence Force or the Department of Defence. Readers are advised to seek professional advice where appropriate as the Journal can accept no(More)
The debates within the public [broadcasting] service fraternity have been distinctly nervous, defensive, and often confused as it has singularly failed to define or redefine, the idea of the public good, the public interest, the common weal in communications at the moment when technology is seen, rightly or wrongly, to be acting on, rather than being guided(More)
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