Michael Toesch

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This review gives an overview on the occurrence of sulfatases in Prokaryota, Eukaryota and Archaea. The mechanism of enzymes acting with retention or inversion of configuration during sulfate ester hydrolysis is discussed taking two complementary examples. Methods for the discovery of novel alkyl sulfatases are described by way of sequence-based search and(More)
The substrate scope of inverting alkylsulfatase Pisa1 was extended towards benzylic sec-sulfate esters by suppression of competing non-enzymatic autohydrolysis by addition of dimethyl sulfoxide as co-solvent. Detailed investigation of the mechanism of autohydrolysis in 18O-labeled buffer by using an enantiopure sec-benzylic sulfate ester as substrate(More)
Given the fact that the theoretically possible number of racemates is larger than that of symmetric prochiral or meso compounds, the development of deracemization methods, which yield a single stereoisomer from a racemate is an important topic. Enantioconvergent processes are based on the transformation of a pair of enantiomers through opposite(More)
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