Michael Tinker

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At the heart of DVI is an image compression and expansion technology that uses proprietary chips to expand an image in real time from a bit stream that has been compressed on a large computer at non-real time rates. This article describes how the compression algorithm is used and how it was ported.
The purpose of this study is to develop an adaptive model of a very large scale data processing and storage environment. The target environment includes grid applications such as health-care and finance in which the data may be located primarily within the resources of a worldwide corporation. The approach is to use phase identification techniques that can(More)
We report on the abundances of 13 elements in the planetary host HD 13189, a massive giant star. Abundances are found to be subsolar, with ; HD 13189 is one of the most metal-poor planetary hosts [Fe/H] p 0.58 0.04 yet discovered. Abundance ratios relative to Fe show no peculiarities with respect to random field stars. A census of metallicities of the seven(More)
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