Michael Ting

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The application that motivates this paper is molecular imaging at the atomic level. When discretized at subatomic distances, the volume is inherently sparse. Noiseless measurements from an imaging technology can be modeled by convolution of the image with the system point spread function (psf). Such is the case with magnetic resonance force microscopy(More)
Meeting a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target of 80% below 1990 levels in the year 2050 requires detailed long-term planning due to complexity, inertia, and path dependency in the energy system. A detailed investigation of supply and demand alternatives is conducted to assess requirements for future California energy systems that can meet the 2050 GHG(More)
—Detection of a finite-state Markov signal in additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) can be done in an intuitive manner by applying an appropriate filter and using an energy detector. One might not expect this heuristic approach to signal detection to be optimal. However, in this paper, we show that for a certain type of finite-state Markov signal, namely,(More)
This paper considers the detection of a Markov signal in additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN). Here, the Markov signal is taken to be a certain class of random walk processes. A closed form expression of the likelihood ratio (LR) is derived for a general Markov signal in AWGN. Then, under the conditions of low signal to noise ratio (SNR) and long(More)
— Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (MRFM) is an emergent technology for measuring spin-induced attonewton forces using a micromachined cantilever. In the interrupted Oscillating Cantilever-driven Adiabatic Reversal (iOSCAR) method, small ensembles of electron spins are manipulated by an external radio frequency (RF) magnetic field to produce small(More)
It is well known in the literature that reputational concerns can cause experts to distort or hide their private information in order to appear competent. In this paper we consider the incentives of a career minded overseer to act in the public interest. The sequential nature of oversight means that once an overseer is called to act-either to accept or veto(More)
INTRODUCTION This course will prepare advanced doctoral students in political science and economics who have completed their basic formal and quantitative training for theoretical research in political economy. Substantively, the course will focus on a number of broad institutional questions areas of interest within the field, ranging from elections and(More)
  • Craig Volden, Alan E Wiseman, David Baron, Quintin Beazer, Eric Dickson, Justin Fox +7 others
  • 2008
We develop a game-theoretic model wherein a government establishes a mandate for product quality without possessing effective enforcement abilities, and a firm chooses whether to ignore, comply with, or exceed the government quality standard. After bringing a product to market, the firm faces the possibility of nonmarket reactions by interests such as trial(More)
The focus of this paper is the optimal detection of piecewise constant binary valued continuous-time (C-T) signals with Markovian state transitions. One example is the classic random telegraph signal for which the number of states is two and the transitions follow a Poisson process. This signal detection problem arises in many different areas of engineering(More)
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