Michael Timm

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Social approach to peers was evaluated as an intervention for isolate preschoolers. During baseline, confederate peers made few social approaches to the target subjects. Confederates greatly increased their rate of social approaches during the first intervention, decreased social approaches during a second baseline, and increased social approaches again in(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o In 2063, the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence River basin is Living on the Edge of system resilience, characterized by poor governance yet good environmental/economic balance. The Great Lakes region benefits from and depends upon human choices and natural forces outside the region pushing and pulling it toward that balance. Choices within the(More)
W e read with great interest the article by Harte et al. (1), which reports that high intake of dietary fat results in increased levels of endotoxin in the blood of both type 2 diabetic patients and control subjects, thereby supporting an earlier article by Erridge et al. (2) who studied healthy subjects. Low-grade inflammation is associated with obesity,(More)