Michael Thompson

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Natural steroidal estrogen hormones, e.g., estrone (E1), 17beta-estradiol (E2), estriol (E3), and 17alpha-estradiol (17alpha), are released by humans and livestock in the environment and are the most potent endocrine disrupters even at nanogram per liter levels. Published studies broadly conclude that conventional wastewater treatment is efficient in the(More)
Fate and behavior of nonionic hydrophobic organic compounds (HOCs) in the environment is mainly controlled by their interactions with various components of soils and sediments. Due to their large surface area and abundance in many soils, smectites may greatly influence the fate and transport of HOCs in the environment. We used phenanthrene as a probe to(More)
In 2006, we used the U.S. Coast Guard's Automatic Identification System (AIS) to describe patterns of large commercial ship traffic within a U.S. National Marine Sanctuary located off the coast of Massachusetts. We found that 541 large commercial vessels transited the greater sanctuary 3413 times during the year. Cargo ships, tankers, and tug/tows(More)
The major pharmacological ingredient in tobacco smoke is nicotine, a mild stimulant known to alter brain electrical activity. The objective of this study was to determine if tobacco smoking in humans produces localized or widespread neocortical dominant alpha electroencephalographic (EEG) frequency increases consistent with nicotine stimulation of the(More)
This review will consider the role of biosensors towards the detection of infectious bacteria, although non-infectious ones will be considered where necessary. Recently, there has been a heightened interest in developing rapid and reliable methods of detection. This is especially true for detection of organisms involved in bioterrorism, food poisoning, and(More)
Land application of animal manure and municipal biosolids to improve soil fertility carries the risk of adding to aquatic ecosystems contaminants that can disrupt the endocrine systems of aquatic organisms. This study explored the fate of two estrogens, 17 β-estradiol (E2) and estrone (E1), in the presence of organic colloids derived from swine manure. Most(More)
The structural makeup of natural organic matter plays a major role in regulating its capacity to retain nonionic hydrophobic organic compounds (HOCs). We used a model HOC--phenanthrene--to investigate the correlations between sorption capacity, specifically the modified Freundlich coefficient (K'f), and compositional data of humic acids, humins, and a peat(More)
Coronary artery disease (CAD) kills millions of people every year. It results from a narrowing of the arteries (stenosis) supplying blood to the heart. This review discusses the merits and limitations of balloon angioplasty and stent implantation, the most common treatment options for CAD, and the pathophysiology associated with these treatments. The focus(More)
research (MCIR). Here we discuss two dilemmas that confront this type of work. Then we turn to four research challenges these dilemmas give rise to, discuss the limitations of common research practices in dealing with them, and describe our own approach. We also describe some of our findings to give an idea of what our approach yielded. Our project’s goal(More)