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– Distributed multi-agent systems have become more mature in recent years, with the growing potential to handle large volumes of data and coordinate the operations of many organizations. However, widespread adoption by industry and government has been blocked in part by concerns about scalability and survivability, especially in unpredictable environments(More)
In the course of developing a distributed logistics command and control application based on the Cougaar agent architecture@ttp://www.cougaar.org/). we were faced with a Iorge knowledge representation problem. The logistics agents needed to reason about many thousands of different types of logistics assets, where each asset had hundreds of attribuies. The(More)
One of the important advantages of a distributed multi-agent system comes from the parallelism that can be realized by distributing data over a network of agents. A properly designed distributed agent system can scale to handle arbitrarily large data sets by adding more computers, network bandwidth, and storage. However, this scalability comes at a price.(More)
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