Michael Thomas

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Although the work of learning scientists and instructional designers has brought about countless curricula, designs, and theoretical claims, the community has been less active in communicating the explicit and implicit critical social agendas that result (or could result) from their work. It is our belief that the community of learning scientists is well(More)
This study used technology-rich ethnography (TRE) to examine the use of game development in a high school computer programming class for the development of 21st century skills. High school students created games for elementary school students while obtaining formative feedback from their younger clients. Our experience suggests that in the teaching of(More)
In this article the trajectory of an online course in which graduate students collaboratively investigated and shared their personal experiences with respect to adult development is described. For this study, naturalistic inquiry was used to gain a holistic view of this semester-long course and to identify the specific emergent issues that characterized(More)
In this manuscript we describe our " empowerment design " work. Instead of simply building an artifact to help an individual accomplish a particular task, the focus of empowerment design work is to develop socio-technical structures that empower individuals and societies more generally. Essentially, empowerment design is designing with heart. It is a(More)
any liability resulting from the use or publication of the information contained in this document or warrants that such use or publication of the information contained in this document will be free from privately owned rights. Use of trade names of manufacturers in this publication does not constitute an official endorsement of such products or(More)
1 It is interesting to consider that task-based learning and teaching (TBLT) and computer-assisted language learning (CALL) both originated in the 1980s, were long considered marginal to mainstream language education (though this has thankfully changed), and more recently have been the focus of increasing scholarly attention, and yet to date no book has(More)
DISCLAIMER: The mention of a specific product or company is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of that product or company. Florida-Friendly Landscapes protect Florida's unique natural resources by conserving water, reducing waste and pollution, creating wildlife habitat, and preventing erosion. Any landscape can be(More)
This paper examines the issues involved in assisting teachers in their implementation of computers in the mathematics classroom. It documents them in the light of a year-long New Zealand study involving teachers using co!TIputers in their mathematics teaching. Our results suggest that putting a computer in the mathematics classroom is unlikely to result in(More)