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BACKGROUND 25-hydroxyvitamin D deficiency is associated with COPD and increased susceptibility to infection in the general population. METHODS We investigated whether COPD patients deficient in 25-hydroxyvitamin D were more likely to be frequent exacerbators, had reduced outdoor activity and were more susceptible to human rhinovirus (HRV) exacerbations(More)
any liability resulting from the use or publication of the information contained in this document or warrants that such use or publication of the information contained in this document will be free from privately owned rights. Use of trade names of manufacturers in this publication does not constitute an official endorsement of such products or(More)
Vicodin is the most commonly prescribed pain reliever in the United States. Research indicates that there are two million people who are currently abusing Vicodin, and the majority of those who abuse Vicodin were initially exposed to it via prescription. Our goal is to determine the most effective strategies for reducing the overall population of Vicodin(More)
DISCLAIMER: The mention of a specific product or company is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of that product or company. Florida-Friendly Landscapes protect Florida's unique natural resources by conserving water, reducing waste and pollution, creating wildlife habitat, and preventing erosion. Any landscape can be(More)
1 It is interesting to consider that task-based learning and teaching (TBLT) and computer-assisted language learning (CALL) both originated in the 1980s, were long considered marginal to mainstream language education (though this has thankfully changed), and more recently have been the focus of increasing scholarly attention, and yet to date no book has(More)
A program for elementary school-aged youth, designed for and implemented by a retail business, was evaluated. The program included visual instructions to youth, tokens (exchangeable for special prizes) for appropriate verbal behavior, visual feedback to youth, and rewards for reducing merchandise loss, all continued to a criterion level. A 54% reduction in(More)
The breast cancer, early disease: toxicity from therapy with epirubicin regimens-cardiac assessment and risk evaluation (BETTER-CARE) study: CMR with early gadolinium relative enhancement, but not high-sensitivity troponin T, predicts the risk of chronic anthracycline cardiotoxicity
Foreword Future community well-being is significantly affected by current land use policies and planning decisions. Many socioeconomic and biophysical aspects of quality of life are similarly influenced by viable economic development strategies and sustainable land use practices that seek to maintain or enhance the long-term productive capacity of our(More)