Michael Thomas McBride

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BACKGROUND Nondisplaced scaphoid fractures treated with prolonged cast immobilization may result in temporary joint stiffness and muscle weakness in addition to a delay in return to sports or work. Fixation of scaphoid fractures with a percutaneous cannulated screw has resulted in a shorter time to union and to return to work or sports. The purpose of this(More)
Idiopathic protrusio acetabuli is an uncommon disease process with both primary idiopathic and secondary forms. It is important to consider all etiologic possibilities before evaluating treatment options. Diagnosis is made on the basis of an anteroposterior radiograph of the pelvis that demonstrates a center-edge angle greater than 40 degrees and(More)
To assess capsulolabral lesions present in patients after unsuccessful arthroscopic procedures, we reviewed the records of 20 patients who had undergone open shoulder procedures after unsuccessful arthroscopic Bankart procedures for chronic shoulder instability. The Bankart lesion had initially been repaired arthroscopically by transglenoid sutures (N =(More)
P. Fenter,*,† M. T. McBride,‡ G. Srajer,§ N. C. Sturchio,†,| and D. Bosbach⊥ EnVironmental Research DiVision, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439-4843, Chemistry and Materials Science DiVision, Lawrence LiVermore National Laboratory, 7000 East AVenue, L-350, LiVermore, California 94551, Experimental Facilities DiVision, AdVanced Photon(More)
A prospective screening program of 9106 newborns identified 43 infants with clavicle fractures for a prevalence of 1 fracture in every 213 live births (0.5%). The fractures were equally distributed by right and left side involvement, and male and female sex. All fractures occurred during vaginal deliveries. None were breech presentation. Risk factors for(More)
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