Michael Thomas Bocker

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DNA methylation plays an important role in the self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells and in the commitment to the lymphoid or myeloid lineages. Using purified CD34⁺ hematopoietic progenitor cells and differentiated myeloid cell populations from the same human samples, we obtained detailed methylation profiles at distinct stages of hematopoiesis. We(More)
We introduce a novel strategy to sample bioactive chemical space, which follows-up on hits from fragment campaigns without the need for a crystal structure. Our results strongly suggest that screening a few hundred or thousand fragments can substantially improve the selection of small-molecule screening subsets. By combining fragment-based screening with(More)
Differentiation is accompanied by extensive epigenomic reprogramming, leading to the repression of stemness factors and the transcriptional maintenance of activated lineage-specific genes. Here we use the mammalian Hoxa cluster of developmental genes as a model system to follow changes in DNA modification patterns during retinoic acid-induced(More)
Direct reprogramming procedures reset the epigenetic memory of cells and convert differentiated somatic cells into pluripotent stem cells. In addition to epigenetic memory of cell identity, which is established during development, somatic cells can accumulate abnormal epigenetic changes that can contribute to pathological conditions. Aberrant promoter(More)
Stable pluripotent feeder-free propagation of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) prior to their therapeutic applications remains a major challenge. Matrigel™ (BD Singapore) is a murine sarcoma-derived extracellular matrix (ECM) widely used as a cell-free support combined with conditioned or chemically defined media; however, inherent xenogenic and(More)
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