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Keywords: Slug test Aquifer characterization Wellbore skin Identifiability Kozeny–Carman s u m m a r y A recently developed unified model for partially-penetrating slug tests in unconfined aquifers (Malama et al., in press) provides a semi-analytical solution for aquifer response at the wellbore in the presence of inertial effects and wellbore skin, and is(More)
A neutron probe device is a quick, reliable way to capture an instantaneous soil moisture profile. High spatial resolution neutron probe measurements can be recorded along a vertical profile and be used to look at seasonal changes in moisture content and vertical and lateral variations related to subsurface stratigraphy. In addition to seasonal changes,(More)
River stage, river discharge, and river bank inundation have been measured at the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site at specific times in spring 2009, and at two week intervals from May 2010 to November 2011, for the purpose of monitoring and modeling aquifer dynamics and effects of river boundary conditions. From these data, empirical relationships have(More)
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