Michael Thies

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Timbre distance and similarity are expressions of the phenomenon that some music appears similar while other songs sound very different to us. The notion of genre is often used to categorize music, but songs from a single genre do not necessarily sound similar and vice versa. In this work, we analyze and compare a large amount of different audio features(More)
In the Natscan project terrestrial laser scanning is used for deriving detailed information about tree quality and forest stand parameters. The authors describe an automatic method for determining tree positions and diameters at breast height (DBH) using terrestrial laser scanner data. Special attention is given to the data-processing that must be carried(More)
In this paper, we present an efficient exploration algorithm for architecture/compiler co-designs of application-specific instruction-set processors. The huge design space is spanned by processor architecture parameters as well as different compiler optimization strategies. The objective space is multi-dimensional including conflicting objectives such as(More)
Margin-closed itemsets have previously been proposed as a subset of the closed itemsets with a minimum margin constraint on the difference in support to supersets. The constraint reduces redundancy in the set of reported patterns favoring longer, more specific patterns. A variety of patterns ranging from rare specific itemsets to frequent general itemsets(More)
Based on experiences from the NATSCAN-project this contribution focuses on the evaluation of two hypotheses: (i) Terrestrial laser scanning and corresponding data analysis is ready to be used in standardized forest inventory sampling. (ii) Data quality as well as characteristics related to the technique of laser scanning widen the data base for forest(More)
This article tests the subset of public choice models for social security that have empirical implications. The data, collected from OECD countries for the years 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990, provide some support for each of the theories. Higher median voter age, more income heterogeneity, greater similarity in family size, and variables that make a public(More)
The secure transmission of data plays a significant role in todays information era. Especially in the area of public-key-cryptography methods, which are based on elliptic curves (ECC), gain more and more importance. Compared to asymmetric algorithms, like RSA, ECC can be used with shorter key lengths, while achieving an equal level of security. The(More)
In the design of application-specific instruction set processors (ASIPs) a tight interplay between architecture and compiler is of utmost importance. Here, we try to characterize the design space of both compiler frontend (intermediate code optimization) and backend (architecture-specific code generation) that is used in order to do <i>Architecture/Compiler(More)
This paper addresses the design automation of instruction set extensions for application-specific processors with emphasis on network processing. Within this domain, increasing performance demands and the ongoing development of network protocols both call for flexible and performance-optimized processors. Our approach represents a holistic methodology for(More)