Michael Thiel

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Metamaterials are artificial materials that--unlike natural substances--enable magnetism to be achieved at optical frequencies. The vast majority of photonic metamaterials has been fabricated by electron-beam lithography and evaporation of metal films, both of which are well-established two-dimensional (2D) technologies. Although stacking of three or four(More)
Nature provides impressive examples of chiral photonic crystals, with the notable example of the cubic so-called srs network (the label for the chiral degree-three network modeled on SrSi2) or gyroid structure realized in wing scales of several butterfly species. By a circular polarization analysis of the band structure of such networks, we demonstrate(More)
Spatially-variant photonic crystals (SVPCs), in which the orientation of the unit cell changes as a function of position, are shown to be capable of abruptly controlling light beams using just low index materials and can be made to have high polarization selectivity. Multi-photon direct laser writing in the photo-polymer SU-8 was used to fabricate(More)
We demonstrate the realization of a two-dimensional chiral optical waveguide with an infinite translational symmetry that exhibits asymmetric wave propagation. The low-symmetry geometry of the cross-section that lacks any rotational and mirror symmetries shows in-principal directional asymmetric polarization rotation. We use general symmetry arguments to(More)
By using direct laser writing into a novel commercially available photoresist and a silicon-double-inversion procedure followed by tempering of the silicon structures, we realize high-quality centered-tetragonal woodpile photonic crystals with complete photonic bandgaps near 1.55 microm wavelength. The 6.9% gap-to-midgap ratio bandgap is evidenced by the(More)
A meanderline wave retarder is a unique type of frequency-selective-surface (FSS) that enables a change in the state of optical polarization. The principles of operation are very similar to a typical crystalline waveplate, such that the artificially structured meanderline array has both 'slow' and 'fast' axes that provide a phase offset between two(More)
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