Michael Theodore

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We present a modular tangible user interface system and corresponding actuators for creating music with everyday objects. Users create percussive patterns by controlling algorithmic parameters, or by directly playing the interface. Various mechanical solutions allow users to investigate physical objects as sound sources. A standalone physical interface and(More)
Swarming animals such as ants, bees and wasps spark deep fascination in human observers. The reasons for this are many, ranging from the aesthetics of the structures they create, to disgust of the individual animals and their collective appearance of an order-less, swarming mess, to awe for their ability to create order from chaos. Whereas swarming animals(More)
This late breaking work submission describes the development of tools and techniques aimed to simplify the development and use of musical robots. We describe these tools and techniques as utilized to produce an event known as SolidNoise. The event showcased a series of automated instruments and musical compositions created for the robotic ensemble. Our(More)
What do new possibilities for music and art making look like in a world in which the biological and mechanical are increasingly entangled? It is with this question in mind that the interactive mechanical sound art installation endo/exo came into being. Through the use of networked technology, the system becomes more like a self-aware organism, passing(More)