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The Spillover of Racialization into Health Care: How President Obama Polarized Public Opinion by Racial Attitudes and Race
This study argues that President Obama's strong association with an issue like health care should polarize public opinion by racial attitudes and race. Consistent with that hypothesis, racialExpand
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Obama's Race: The 2008 Election and the Dream of a Post-Racial America
Barack Obama's presidential victory naturally led people to believe that the United States might finally be moving into a post-racial era. "Obama's Race" - and its eye-opening account of the roleExpand
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Post-Racial or Most-Racial?: Race and Politics in the Obama Era
When Barack Obama won the presidency, many posited that we were entering into a post-racial period in American politics. Regrettably, the reality hasn t lived up to that expectation. Instead,Expand
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The Return of Old-Fashioned Racism to White Americans’ Partisan Preferences in the Early Obama Era
  • Michael Tesler
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Politics
  • 21 December 2012
Old-fashioned racism (OFR) was unrelated to white Americans’ partisan preferences throughout the post-civil rights era. This study argues OFR could return to white partisanship following decades ofExpand
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Priming Predispositions and Changing Policy Positions: An Account of When Mass Opinion Is Primed or Changed
Prior research provides limited insights into when political communications prime or change citizens’ underlying opinions. This article helps fill that void by putting forth an account of priming andExpand
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Elite Domination of Public Doubts About Climate Change (Not Evolution)
This article examines the sources of ideological skepticism about two issues where there is a scientific consensus: climate change and evolution. The results indicate that self-identifiedExpand
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Can DemoCraCy Survive the internet ?
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The Electoral Landscape of 2016
As 2015 got underway, most Americans were poised for another Bush vs. Clinton presidential election, but by the middle of the year it was clear something unexpected was unfolding in the race for theExpand
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The Conditions Ripe for Racial Spillover Effects
A growing body of research shows that Barack Obama's rise to prominence has further polarized mass politics by racial attitudes and race—a phenomenon we have described elsewhere as the spillover ofExpand
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