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Boss is an autonomous vehicle that uses on-board sensors (global positioning system, lasers, radars, and cameras) to track other vehicles, detect static obstacles, and localize itself relative to a road model. A three-layer planning system combines mission, behav-ioral, and motion planning to drive in urban environments. The mission planning layer considers(More)
The inter-site and intra-site variability of system performance of MRI scanners (due to site-dependent and time-variant variations) can have significant adverse effects on the integration of multi-center DTI data. Measurement errors in accuracy and precision of each acquisition determine both the inter-site and intra-site variability. In this study,(More)
  • Ching-Ni Jenny Njauw, Ivana Kim, Adriano Piris, Michele Gabree, Michael Taylor, Anne Marie Lane +4 others
  • 2012
BACKGROUND BAP1 has been shown to be a target of both somatic alteration in high-risk ocular melanomas (OM) and germline inactivation in a few individuals from cancer-prone families. These findings suggest that constitutional BAP1 changes may predispose individuals to metastatic OM and that familial permeation of deleterious alleles could delineate a new(More)
To generate a cytopathic effect, the catalytic A1 subunit of cholera toxin (CT) must be separated from the rest of the toxin. Protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) is thought to mediate CT disassembly by acting as a redox-driven chaperone that actively unfolds the CTA1 subunit. Here, we show that PDI itself unfolds upon contact with CTA1. The substrate-induced(More)
Rapid advances in technology force a quest for computer architectures that exploit new opportunities and shed existing mechanisms that do not scale. Current architec-tures, such as hardware scheduled superscalars, are already hitting performance and complexity limits and cannot be scaled indefinitely. The Reconfigurable Architecture Workstation (Raw) is a(More)
Internationality as a concept is being applied ambiguously, particularly in the world of academic journal publication. Although different criteria are used by scientometrists in order to measure internationality and to supplement its minimal literal meaning, the present study suggests that no single criterion alone is sufficient. This paper surveys,(More)
This article presents KARDIA, a Matlab (MathWorks Inc., MA) software developed for the analysis of cardiac interbeat interval (IBI) data. Available functions are called through a graphical user interface and permit the study of phasic cardiac responses (PCRs) and the estimation of time and frequency domain heart rate variability (HRV) parameters. Scaling(More)
In this paper we present a model describing susceptible-infected-susceptible-type epidemics spreading on a dynamic contact network with random link activation and deletion where link activation can be locally constrained. We use and adapt an improved effective degree compartmental modeling framework recently proposed by Lindquist et al. [J. Math Biol. 62,(More)
86 Computer A s our industry develops the technology that will permit a billion transistors on a chip, computer architects must face three converging forces: the need to keep internal chip wires short so that clock speed scales with feature size; the economic constraints of quickly verifying new designs; and changing application workloads that emphasize(More)
The emergence of high-throughput, next-generation sequencing technologies has dramatically altered the way we assess genomes in population genetics and in cancer genomics. Currently, there are four commonly used whole-genome sequencing platforms on the market: Illumina's HiSeq2000, Life Technologies' SOLiD 4 and its completely redesigned 5500xl SOLiD, and(More)