Michael T. Wright

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With the increased availability and affordability of three dimensional visualization and additive manufacturing tools, the opportunity to bring these technologies into the classroom has never been greater. Utilizing 3D scanners, 3D modeling software and 3D printers in the classroom opens the door for hands-on STEM and STEaM education. This paper outlines(More)
Steep fronted switching surges can cause severe stressing of the interturn insulation in induction motor windings. This may lead to failure. Experimental results show that severe nonlinearity in the voltage distribution within the coil can occur. it is shown that an analytical method of quantifying interturn surge capability is required, if test methods and(More)
elle Methoden-Debatte in Public Health zu bereichern. Abstract The German-speaking discourse on action research differs profoundly from the Anglo-American discourse where action research was first developed by social psychologist Kurt Lewin and where it is still a widely used research strategy across disciplines. In the German-speaking discourse, on the(More)
In order to stem the rapidly growing HIV/AIDS epidemics in Eastern Europe a transfer of prevention know-how and experience from Western European countries is necessary. The success of such a transfer is contingent on addressing a number of challenging issues. Monolithic ideas of East/West difference need to give way to the growing empirical evidence which(More)
Die vorliegende Studie verfolgte das Ziel, die Formen und den Umfang der in den deutschen Abstract The focus of this study was twofold: (1) To document the methods of quality assurance and evaluation currently being used in the primary prevention work of the AIDS service organizations (ASOs) in Germany (2) To determine which supportive measures are required(More)
tive Gesundheitsforschung in Deutschland. Abstract The cooperation of scientists, service providers and communities holds promise for public health – in particular with respect to research and quality assurance in health promotion and disease prevention with socially disadvantaged groups. Participatory approaches following the tradition of action research,(More)
HIV prevention on the internet for men involved in prostitution has been hampered by a lack of information on how sex work is structured in this medium and how the target group can best be reached. In this exploratory study conducted with the support of the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, the national German AIDS organization, internet sites in German specializing in(More)
Die AutorInnen danken allen Männern und Frauen, die sich an der Befragung beteiligt haben, Summary Summary Summary Summary Are people more likely to risk an HIV infection with sex partners they meet online as compared to those whom they meet offline? This question has been the subject of research since the late 1990s in several post-industrialized(More)