Michael T. Wharmby

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Synchrotron light source facilities worldwide generate terabytes of data in numerous incompatible data formats from a wide range of experiment types. The Data Analysis WorkbeNch (DAWN) was developed to address the challenge of providing a single visualization and analysis platform for data from any synchrotron experiment (including single-crystal and powder(More)
Flexible metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) can undergo fascinating structural transitions triggered by external stimuli, such as adsorption/desorption of specific guest molecules or temperature changes. In this detailed study we investigate the potentials and limitations of tuning framework flexibility systematically by exploiting the powerful concept of(More)
The structure of one of the first permanently porous metal phosphonates, MIL-91(Al) was re-determined using high resolution synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction data. The new model is in a lower symmetry space group, with no disordered ligands in the structure, whilst remaining otherwise consistent with the reported compound. New milder synthetic conditions(More)
Z eolite-related materials exhibit a range of novel properties and are of considerable interest for their potential engineering applications. Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) display zeolite-type structures and are constructed by transitional metals and imidazole molecules. 1 With a wide variety of potential organic ligands, ZIFs present a new family(More)
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