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  • M T Todinov
  • 2006
The conventional reliability analysis is based on the premise that increasing the reliability of a system will decrease the losses from failures. On the basis of counterexamples, it is demonstrated that this is valid only if all failures are associated with the same losses. In case of failures associated with different losses, a system with larger(More)
The paper discuses new, very efficient augmentation algorithms and theorems related to maximising the flow in single-commodity and multi-commodity networks. For the first time, efficient algorithms with linear average running time O(m) in the size m of the network, are proposed for restoring the maximum flow in single-commodity and multi-commodity networks(More)
A fundamental theorem related to maximizing the flow in a repairable flow network with arbitrary topology has been stated and proved. ‘The flow transmitted through a repairable network with arbitrary topology and a single source and sink can be maximized by (i) determining, all possible flow paths from the start node (the source) to the end node(More)