Michael T. Ter-Mikaelian

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Estimation of individual tree seedling biomass isrequired in a variety of forest management andresearch applications such as assessment of netprimary productivity and carbon sequestrationpotential of forest stands, understory forest fuelinventories, and development of silviculturalguidelines to promote the growth of desired treespecies. Photo imagery is a(More)
This analysis quantifies projected carbon (C) storage in harvested wood products (HWP) from Ontario’s Crown forests. The large-scale forest C budget model, FORCARB-ON, was applied to estimate HWP C stock changes using the production approach defined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Harvested wood volume was converted to C mass and allocated(More)
Canada contains 10% of global forests and has been one of the world's largest harvested wood products (HWP) producers. Therefore, Canada's managed forest sector, the managed forest area and HWP, has the potential to significantly increase or reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases. Using the most comprehensive carbon balance analysis to date, this study shows(More)
Carbon stocks in managed forests of Ontario, Canada, and in harvested wood products originated from these forests were estimated for 2010-2100. Simulations included four future forest harvesting scenarios based on historical harvesting levels (low, average, high, and maximum available) and a no-harvest scenario. In four harvesting scenarios, forest carbon(More)
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