Michael T. Stevenson

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The ability to infer others' thoughts, intentions, and feelings is regarded as uniquely human. Over the last few decades, this remarkable ability has captivated the attention of philosophers, primatologists, clinical and developmental psychologists, anthropologists, social psychologists, and cognitive neuroscientists. Most would agree that the capacity to(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) tend to misattribute malevolence to benign social stimuli, including facial expressions. Yet, facial emotion recognition studies examining those with BPD have yielded mixed results, with some studies showing impaired accuracy and others demonstrating enhanced(More)
There is a common belief that wrinkles in the aging face reflect frequently experienced emotions and hence resemble these affective displays. This implies that the wrinkles and folds in elderly faces interfere with the perception of other emotions currently experienced by the elderly as well as with the inferences perceivers draw from these expressions.(More)
Annual figures collected by the Samaritans from the Registrar Generals' figures for suicides for the years 1984-2002 inclusive were analysed. Trends by gender, age group, marital status and method were examined. Suicide rates were standardised where appropriate. The mean annual rate was calculated for the 10 year period 1984-1993 and compared with the nine(More)
USP17 is a cell cycle regulated deubiquitinating enzyme that is highly expressed in tumor-derived cell lines and has an established role in cell proliferation and chemotaxis. This is the first study to examine the clinical significance of USP17 expression in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). USP17 was overexpressed in both squamous and adenocarcinoma(More)
Restrictions on nematicide usage underscore the need for novel control strategies for plant pathogenic nematodes such as Globodera pallida (potato cyst nematode) that impose a significant economic burden on plant cultivation activities. The nematode neuropeptide signalling system is an attractive resource for novel control targets as it plays a critical(More)
BACKGROUND Undergraduate surgery is at an important crossroads. Many departments report significant difficulties delivering effective teaching. Our student feedback indicated a dated surgical curriculum lacking structure, quality and uniformity. We report on a new "blended" approach employing a combination of professional DVDs, case based discussions,(More)
Folk wisdom asserts that "the eyes are the window to the soul," and empirical science corroborates a prominent role for the eyes in the communication of emotion. Herein we examine variation in the ability to "read" the eyes of others as a function of social group membership, employing a widely used emotional state decoding task: "Reading the Mind in Eyes."(More)
According to the existing literature, support for punishment and support for treatment of inmates are the two major orientations held by correctional workers. There is a small but growing body of studies that has examined the predictors of these orientations. The literature suggests that personal characteristics account for little of the variance in(More)