Michael T. McCormick

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Slow and difficult communication between health care workers in Veterans Health Administration (VA) and nonVA Hospitals wastes enormous money and time and leads to inappropriate care. Three repetitive and frequent processes that exemplify this are as follows. 1) Because the VA pharmacist's verification (and sometimes rectification) of drug orders by(More)
A case of sacral chordoma clinically simulating pilonidal 'cyst' in a 47-year-old male is presented. The clinical presentation with radiographic and histologic features of this entity with post-treatment clinical follow up is presented with a review of the literature.
To give patients better care, the treating doctor must possess complex knowledge (frequently inaccessible, obscured by nonessential data, or nonexistent) about the patient and disease. The short duration (often only 15 to 20 minutes) of the doctor-patient encounter effectively bars the doctor at the time and point of care from adequately, first, acquiring(More)
We trace the transformation in the behavior of our resident physicians from frequent hostility toward the computer (when first introduced to clinical computing by physician order entry) to their current facility and eagerness in using it, which were recently heightened even further by 1) Web page techniques for the easy and quick implementation of(More)
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