Michael T. Krieger

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We present an approach to the runtime monitoring of network traffic for the violation of properties specified in classical predicate logic. The properties are expressed by quantified formulas which are interpreted over sequences of messages, i.e., the quantified variable denotes a position in the sequence. Using the ordering of stream positions and nested(More)
We present a novel approach to the runtime monitoring of network traffic where from a high-level specification of security properties an executable monitor is generated; this monitor observes the network traffic in real time for violation of the specified properties in order to report respectively prevent these violations. The specification formalism is(More)
Reliably running large server infrastructures requires continuous monitoring of system states. Nowadays, these infrastructures are often being executed on an IaaS cloud infrastructure. At its heart IaaS cloud computing heavily relies on virtualization technology spanning from virtualized servers to networks. Compared to a typical server setup,(More)
Due to the ever increasing amounts of data in application areas relevant both for business and research, the requirements for data handling have increased significantly over the last years, often exceeding the capabilities of standard software, which has been used in specific application areas. To face this challenges software needs to be adapted or(More)
We describe further progress on the previously introduced LogicGuard specification language and execution framework. This framework generates from a high-level logic specification of a desired property of a stream of events an executable program that observes the stream in real time for violations of the property. While previous presentations were based on(More)
Grid computing provides high computing power, enormous data storage, and collaboration possibilities to its users. In the networked access to computation with a single-sign-on system as the portal to the possibilities of world wide computing grids security plays an important role. This paper provides an overview about the state-of-the-art of security in(More)