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Will an exotic species thrive in a new territory? What are the best management options to eradicate a population (pest species) or to facilitate population recovery (endangered species)? Population modeling helps answer these questions by integrating mathematics and biology. Often, a single species cannot be properly modeled as one population, but instead(More)
The harmful effects of childhood hearing impairment are given little thought by many people because hearing loss is largely an invisible handicap. An infant with a hearing impairment is generally healthy-looking and develops relatively normally during the first year of life. Hearing impairment in infants interferes with the normal development of spoken(More)
The author's purpose in this dissertation is to introduce, develop and apply the tools of discrete fractional calculus to the arena of fractional di¤erence equations. To this end, we develop the Fractional Composition Rules and the Fractional Laplace Transform Method to solve a linear, fractional initial value problem in Chapters 2 and 3. We then apply …xed(More)
  • Mackenzie, Awebro, +6 authors B Uzars
  • 2002
Fisheries data (landings) in the Baltic Sea have been systematically recorded since the 1920s whereas the stock dynamics of most commercially important species (e.g., cod, herring) are available since only the 1960s or 1970s. In this paper we identify and describe potential archival sources of fisheries data that may be useful for investigating(More)
  • References, K Ahrendt, +31 authors Tyre
  • 2013
Laplace transforms for the nabla-difference operator and a fractional variation of parameters formula, Communications in Applied Math., accepted and to appear. Nonlinear diffusion models with peridynamic-type nonlocality, in progress. Steady state models for nonlocal heat conduction in peridynamics, in progress. Robust population management under(More)
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