Michael T. Helmick

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An inverted classroom is a teaching environment that mixes the use of technology with hands-on activities. In an inverted classroom, typical in-class lecture time is replaced with laboratory and in-class activities. Outside class time, lectures are delivered over some other medium such as video on-demand. In a three credit hour course for instance, contact(More)
<i>AutoGrader</i> is a framework developed at Miami University for the automatic grading of student programming assignments written in the Java programming language. <i>AutoGrader</i> leverages the abstract concept of interfaces, as implemented by the Java <b>interface</b> language construct, in both the assignment and grading of programming assignments.(More)
This paper reports on the efforts of an ITiCSE 2007 working group with the aim of producing a publicly available, searchable, tagable, Web 2.0-style repository of short debugging videos. This repository may be accessed from http://debug.csi.muohio.edu/. The videos are aimed at novice Java programmers who may need help debugging when none is available (e.g.(More)
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