Michael T. Chang

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PURPOSE Presentation of three cases of metastatic carcinoma to the internal auditory canal bilaterally, as well as a systematic review of the literature regarding the characteristics of these lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using a MEDLINE Ovid search (1946-2015), we identified and reviewed 102 cases of metastatic carcinoma to the internal auditory canal.(More)
BACKGROUND Assessments of infectious disease spread in hospitals seldom account for interfacility patient sharing. This is particularly important for pathogens with prolonged incubation periods or carrier states. METHODS We quantified patient sharing among all 32 hospitals in Orange County (OC), California, using hospital discharge data. Same-day(More)
PURPOSE Although the existence of cancer stem cells (CSC) in adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) has been proposed, lack of assays for their propagation and uncertainty about molecular markers prevented their characterization. Our objective was to isolate CSC from ACC and provide insight into signaling pathways that support their propagation. EXPERIMENTAL(More)
Resorption cavities formed during bone remodeling may act as "stress risers" and impair cancellous bone strength, but biomechanical analyses of the effects of stress risers have been limited. To provide further insight, we assessed the theoretical biomechanical effects of virtually-added resorption cavities in cancellous bone specimens spanning a wide range(More)
Resistance to adopting a cap on greenhouse gas emissions internationally, and across various national contexts, has encouraged alternative climate change mitigation proposals. These proposals include separately targeting clean energy uptake and demand-side efficiency in individual end-use sectors, an approach to climate change mitigation which we(More)
OBJECTIVES This review surveys trialed therapies and molecular defects in adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC), with an emphasis on neural crest-like stemness characteristics of newly discovered cancer stem cells (CSCs) and therapies that may target these CSCs. DATA SOURCES Articles available on Pubmed or OVID MEDLINE databases and unpublished data. REVIEW(More)
Bibliometric analysis is a common method to determine the most influential articles in medical specialties, as it is an objective measure of peer recognition of scientific work. This study is the first bibliometric analysis of the literature in facial plastic surgery, to determine the most cited papers in the field. Bibliometric analysis was performed using(More)
BACKGROUND Signal transducer and activator 1 (STAT-1) mutations are rare and have been implicated in combined immunodeficiency, enhanced tumorigenesis, and vascular defects. METHODS A 60-year-old woman with a novel STAT-1 mutation and resulting immunodeficiency, squamous cell carcinoma, and vascular disease presented with profuse epistaxis secondary to(More)
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