Michael T. Booker

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Although conventional contrast-enhanced MR imaging remains the standard-of-care imaging method in the posttreatment evaluation of gliomas, recent developments in therapeutic options such as chemoradiation and antiangiogenic agents have caused the neuro-oncology community to rethink traditional imaging criteria. This article highlights the latest(More)
The quantitative, multiparametric assessment of brain lesions requires coregistering different parameters derived from MRI sequences. This will be followed by analysis of the voxel values of the ROI within the sequences and calculated parametric maps, and deriving multiparametric models to classify imaging data. There is a need for an intuitive, automated(More)
PURPOSE Optimizing the utilization of CT pulmonary angiogram (CTPA) for the diagnosis and workup of acute chest pain can provide an opportunity to reduce unnecessary radiation and health care system expense. METHODS An attempt to improve CTPA utilization began by measuring overall department and clinician-specific utilization. This was bolstered by(More)
The application of simulation software in health care has transformed quality and process improvement. Specifically, software based on discrete-event simulation (DES) has shown the ability to improve radiology workflows and systems. Nevertheless, despite the successful application of DES in the medical literature, the power and value of simulation remains(More)
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