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OBJECTIVES To identify factors associated with whether women in Colombia have had a Pap test, evaluate differences in risk factors between rural and urban residence, and evaluate the contextual effect of the lack of education on having ever had a Pap test. METHOD Data used were from the 2010 Colombian National Demographic and Health Survey; 40,392 women(More)
Understanding the mechanisms by which adjuvants mediate their effects provide critical information on how innate immunity influences the development of adaptive immunity. Despite being a critical vaccine component, the mechanisms by which adjuvants mediate their effects are not fully understood and this is especially true when they are used in large(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between political environment and health services accessibility (HSA) has not been the focus of any specific studies. The purpose of this study was to address this gap in the literature by examining the relationship between political environment and HSA. METHODS This relationship that HSA indicators (physicians, nurses and(More)
We investigated the impact of food group intake during adolescence on bone structure and strength during adulthood. In females, we found a beneficial effect of adolescent milk and alternatives and fruit and vegetable intake on adult radius shaft and distal tibia bone structure, respectively. No association was observed in males. The purpose of this study(More)
BACKGROUND Perceived health status indicates people's overall perception of their health, including both physical and psychological dimensions. The aim of this study was to examine the determinants of self-perceived health for Canadians aged 40 and older using data from the Canadian Community Health Survey (2010). METHODS Multiple logistic regression(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal mental health problems affect up to 20% of women, with potentially deleterious effects to the mother and family. To address this serious problem, a Maternal Mental Health Program (MMHP) using a shared care approach was developed. A shared care approach can promote an efficient use of limited specialized maternal mental health services,(More)
Research on the correlates of sedentary behaviour among adults is needed to design health interventions to modify this behaviour. This study explored the associations of social correlates with leisure-time sedentary behaviour of Canadian adults, and whether these associations differ between different types of sedentary behaviour. A sample of 12,021 Canadian(More)
BACKGROUND Misuse of alcohol, including single risky occasion drinking (RSOD) is associated with a number of health, social and economic consequences. While research demonstrates that many factors contribute to individuals' drinking practices, little is known about risk factors that contribute to RSOD in the Canadian population. The objectives of this study(More)
By performing strand-passages on DNA, type II topoisomerases are known to resolve topological constraints that impede normal cellular functions. The full details of this enzyme-DNA interaction mechanism are, however, not completely understood. To better understand this mechanism, researchers have proposed and studied a variety of random polygon models of(More)
We examined spatial variations in the frequencies of women who had not heard of human papillomavirus vaccination (NHrd-Vac) and who had not had Pap testing (NHd-Pap) among Colombian administrative divisions (departments), before and after considering differences in socio-demographic factors. Following global and local tests for clustering, Bayesian Poisson(More)