Michael Swain

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OBJECTIVE The present study is the second part of an investigation of strength, fracture toughness and microstructure of nine all-ceramic materials. In the present study, DC Zirkon, an experimental yttria partially stabilized zirconia, In-Ceram Zirconia slip and In-Ceram Zirconia dry-pressed were compared. METHODS Strength was appraised on ten bar-shaped(More)
The central argument of this study is that residual stresses developed during the preparation of all-ceramic crowns and fixed partial dentures coupled with contact-induced cracking are the origin of the excessive chipping observed in clinical applications. The aim of this paper is to provide a simple basic analysis of the causes of residual stress(More)
Osteoporotic fractures commonly occur in the elderly. Although current therapies are aimed at the prevention and treatment of osteoporotic fractures, studies examing the fracture healing process in osteoporotic bone are limited. We produced an osteoporotic rat model by ovariectomy (ovx) and maintained a low calcium diet (LCD) in order to evaluate the(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the investigation was to assess the influence of sandblasting, grinding, grinding orientation, polishing and heat treatment on the flexural strength of a yittria stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals ceramic (Y-TPZ). METHODS The specimens (160 beams) were equally divided into four groups according to the surface treatment(More)
Isolated enamel defects are commonly seen in first permanent molar teeth but there has been little work on the physical and morphological composition of affected molars. The aim of this study was to determine the mechanical and morphological properties of hypomineralised first permanent molar teeth, utilising the Ultra-Micro-Indentation System (UMIS) and(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the biaxial flexural strength, reliability and the mode of fracture of bilayered porcelain/zirconia (Y-TZP) disks. For this purpose, 80 specimens were made from conventional dental porcelain and Y-TZP core ceramic, and equally divided into four groups as follows: monolithic specimens of porcelain; monolithic(More)
OBJECTIVE Baseline information on the mechanical properties of and the effect of load upon dental hard tissue is important in the development of successful dental materials. Existing methods of measuring such properties of tissue are subject to significant experimental error. This study reports on the use of an Ultra-Micro-Indentation System (UMIS) to(More)
OBJECTIVES The occurrence of "chipping" of all-ceramic restorations with Y-TZP frameworks has resulted in various designs and cooling procedures recommended for reducing such behavior. In this paper the temperature gradients during fast and slow cooling for conventional and anatomical designs are compared as well as an optical procedure to directly compare(More)
PURPOSE This review critically compares the available clinical and laboratory methods for assessing the fit of an implant prosthesis. MATERIALS AND METHODS MEDLINE and PubMed databases were searched for studies related to the fit of implant prostheses or the effect of misfit. Different combinations of key words were used. The screening procedure was(More)