Michael Stuewe

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The origin of Borneo's elephants is controversial. Two competing hypotheses argue that they are either indigenous, tracing back to the Pleistocene, or were introduced, descending from elephants imported in the 16th-18th centuries. Taxonomically, they have either been classified as a unique subspecies or placed under the Indian or Sumatran subspecies. If(More)
Biogeographical studies are a necessary step in establishing conservation area networks. Determining the ecological factors influencing vegetation is also a basic principle for hierarchical ecological classifications and a necessary prerequisite for ecosystem-based land use planning. Eco-floristic sectors (EFS) have already been identified for the(More)
Varicella is a benign exanthematous disease of childhood, with adult infection usually occurring in the immunocompromised patient. Hospital employees may be exposed to the varicella virus through contact with patients having either varicella or herpes zoster. Two nurses developed varicella 11 and 15 days after contact with a patient with disseminated herpes(More)
Die Populationsdynamik einer teilweise eingezäunten, nicht bejagten Weißwedelhirsch(Odocoileus virginianus)-Population ansteigender Dichte wurde in Virginia, USA, untersucht. Die Populationsdichte stieg 1983 bis auf 0,44 bzw. 0,97 (Extremwert) Tiere pro ha. Schwere Verbiß-und Schälschäden, eine Mortalität von mindestens 23 % und eine Reproduktionsrate von(More)
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