Michael Stubbs

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Proline-rich proteins (PRPs) constitute a family of about 20 members in human saliva that are encoded by six genes. Assignment of genomic DNA coding regions is complicated because of the occurrence of many alleles and the great similarity of amino acid sequences of PRPs. To overcome these problems, the nucleotide sequences of the genes encoding basic and(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the gene (pepA) of a zymogen of an aspartic proteinase from Penicillium janthinellum with a 71% identity in the deduced amino acid sequence to penicillopepsin (which we propose to call penicillopepsin-JT1) has been determined. The gene consists of 60 codons for a putative leader sequence of 20 amino acid residues, a sequence of(More)
(2005) Conrad in the computer: examples of quantitative stylistic methods. ABSTRACT Since the 1960s, linguistic stylistics has passed through several stages, from Roman Jakobson's optimism that literary texts could be objectively analysed, followed by Michael Halliday's detailed grammatical analysis of a novel by William Golding, followed by Stanley Fish's(More)
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