Michael Stroucken

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Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number and importance of mobile devices. The security properties that these devices provide to their applications, however, are inadequate to protect against many undesired behaviors. A broad class of such behaviors is violations of simple information-flow properties. This paper proposes an enforcement(More)
The causes of performance changes in a distributed system often elude even its developers. This paper develops a new technique for gaining insight into such changes: comparing request flows from two executions (e.g., of two system versions or time periods). Building on end-to-end request-flow tracing within and across components, algorithms are described(More)
—Web browsers are a key enabler of a wide range of online services, from shopping and email to banking and health services. Because these services frequently involve handling sensitive data, a wide range of web browser security policies and mechanisms has been implemented or proposed to mitigate the dangers posed by malicious code and sites. This paper(More)
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