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This paper first describes the workflow of the Pathfinder image-guided surgical robot that has been designed to replace the stereotactic frame in neurosurgery, and then details the calibration stages employed in order to achieve submillimetre positioning accuracy of a tool tip. The process uses non-linear parameter identification techniques in conjunction(More)
A new, wavelet-based, non-intrusive method for speech transmission quality measurements is described in the abstract. It models human perception of quality of transmitted speech signal. The deployed Discrete Wavelet Transform, in comparison with Fourier Transform, enables to reduce the computational power. In comparison with standardized methods (based on(More)
Modern concepts of operations for multinational operations within NATO and partners require air-interface interoperability for VHF and UHF tactical communications. This contrasts with the historical approach to interoperability of using wired gateways at the higher network levels. As a result of the historical trends, national combat-net radios (CNR) have(More)
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