Michael Strasik

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Scanning tunneling spectroscopy studies reveal long-range spatial homogeneity and predominantly d(x(2)-y(2))-pairing spectral characteristics in under- and optimally doped YBa2Cu 3O (7-delta) superconductors, whereas STS on YBa2(Cu 0.9934Zn 0.0026Mg (0.004))3O (6.9) exhibits microscopic spatial modulations and strong scattering near the Zn or Mg impurity(More)
A high-temperature superconducting (HTS) bearing was fabricated and tested by itself and as a component in a 1-kWh and a 10-kWh flywheel energy system (FES). The rotational losses of the HTS bearing as a function of rotational rate and HTS temperature were determined. The 1-kWh FES was tested with a motor/generator and with an eddy current clutch to(More)
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