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Scanning tunneling spectroscopy studies reveal long-range spatial homogeneity and predominantly d(x(2)-y(2))-pairing spectral characteristics in under- and optimally doped YBa2Cu 3O (7-delta) superconductors, whereas STS on YBa2(Cu 0.9934Zn 0.0026Mg (0.004))3O (6.9) exhibits microscopic spatial modulations and strong scattering near the Zn or Mg impurity(More)
A high-temperature superconducting (HTS) bearing was fabricated and tested by itself and as a component in a 1-kWh and a 10-kWh flywheel energy system (FES). The rotational losses of the HTS bearing as a function of rotational rate and HTS temperature were determined. The 1-kWh FES was tested with a motor/generator and with an eddy current clutch to(More)
  • William J . Thornson, Hong Wang, +4 authors llhan A . Aksay
  • 2005
Reaction sequencing studies were conducted for two precursors to the 123 superconductor in air and helium environments. In air, the reactants in both precursor systems produce an intermediate 123 phase at lo00 K without going through the BaCuOz and Y,BaCuO, intermediate phases, observed in earlier work with mixed powder precursors. In helium, the fully(More)
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